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Malaysian Care Systems Offered these Termite and Pest Control Treatment Services


We are offering the best anti-termite treatment and pest control services in all over the Pakistan.


Ability 2.5% EC - Deemak Control Spray

ability2.5ec anti termite treatment spray
Ability 2.5%EC is our best anti termite treatment chemical by Hextar Malaysia.  Get in touch for a free inspection of the termite effected area and cost estimation in all over Pakistan

Crawling and Flying Insects Treatment

definition by hextar

We use Defination 50%EC chemical composition on 100% basis Active Ingredient: DDVP 50% Inert Ingredients: to make 100% which the best solutions to kills crawling and flying insects.

Hexagen 3.5%EC Useful for All Types of Termite

hexagen3.5ec for termite

Hexagen 3.5% EC – A powerful, Minimal Odour Bifenthrin Emulsion Concentrate Formulation Effective for All Types of Termite Species.

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We are always welcome to fertilizer and chemical dealers nationwide to become our partner with our extraordinary range of products.

Profitol 48%EC

profitol-48percent ec

Great chemical by Hextar for Complete solutions which help to get rid of termites. This chemical composition on 100% basis.

Shooter 15% wp

shooter-15percent wp

Shooter 15% wp is borad spectrum insecticide for use as residual spray against disease vectors and other pests of Public Health Importance.

Shoot Roach 2.5gm Gel

shout roch gel

Now get rid of Cockroaches by Shoot Roach 2.5gm – Anti Cockroach Gel​. This is an easy solutions as your house-hold and health care solutions.

Thunder 5% SC

thunder chemical by hextar

Eliminates entire colony of termites in days as it is a slow poisoning technology. Halts termite feeding within hours. Non-repellent chemistry undetected by termites.