Termites: How to Control Them by Ability 2.5%EC?

Termites are by far the most destructive timber pest in the world and are responsible for causing the greatest economic losses of timber in several parts of the world. Does termite destruction worry you? If yes, don’t worry! You are not alone. Every year termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage, and property owners spend billions of dollars to treat them. This fact sheet focuses on how Malaysian care systems, as a protector, can identify and help to protect your property from termites through effective prevention measures and appropriate use of termite treatments.

Our ABILITY TM termites control System uses an impregnable and superior grade stainless steel mesh termite barrier designed to block concealed termite entry into homes, offices, and buildings to protect the greatest investments. Our termite control system is 100% poison free requiring little maintenance and is backed by our unique Pledge Guarantee. Since 1985, the Malaysian care systems has helped protect over half a million homes, offices, buildings, and this number continues to grow with new systems being installed each day in the world. ABILITY TM termites control System extensively tested and successfully used over the past few decades, and have been specifically designed to offer long-term termite management and damage prevention systems.

Protect your home, Buildings, and Architects with our impregnable and superior grade stainless ABILITY TM termite’s control System.


Specifying home’s termite barrier is one of the most vital decisions when you are building your dream home.

Why is termite control important?

Termites are active in most areas in mainland Pakistan. Independent surveys show 1,000 homes will be attacked by termites each year.

Is termite damage covered by insurance?

No. Insurance companies don’t cover termite damage as the risk and cost are so high.

Why Termites protection?

The future reliability of your home depend on the level of termite protection you select prior to construction and the Malaysian care systems provides a no-compromise solution that is protecting over 2,000 Pakistan homes right now.


We give builders real benefits and genuine protection. Only one termite Malaysian care systems have a proven commitment to Pakistan to protecting the reputation of builders and their clients. We never take our clients or their reputation for granted.  At the end of the day, it’s all about protecting your buildings from termites. And that also means protecting you. We highly effective and offers the reassurance of the best warranty. We look after owners long after the handover of the buildings. We stand by our product, deal with buildings owners direct and handle any issues. Our superior product and our ongoing back-up make for happy building or plaza owners and happy builders.


The ABILITY TM termites control System is also poison free, safe and extremely effective. It boasts a worldwide proven record of installations with many major commercial projects including multi-residential apartments, schools, hospitals and retirement villages.

Consider these additional features:

  • Proven durability from the use of high-quality materials
  • Installed to Pakistan Standards
  • Meets earthquake resistant construction criteria
  • Full range of installation specifications for commercial and residential construction
  • On site experience and supervision to ensure a smooth construction schedule with other trades
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Design remains innovative and without peer


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